Mark Bell

Manager - Nampa, ID office

Born in Rupert Idaho and lived in Idaho all my life. I learned early on the values of helping people. My grandfather was probably one of my best teachers, he had a special way of convincing me on how to treat people. That philosophy has served me well in my career of helping people understand and use financial tools to enhance their lives. I am convinced people need information to make good decisions and I am like a Teacher whom will allow you to grow in your decision making process. I learned early that people don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan!

Families that I have grown up with are now in a second and sometimes third generation of planning and to have them tell you thanks for being there is all the reward I need! To be able to help people not make mistakes is what it is all about.

35 years of financial services has been the greatest challenge and reward I could have expected and if I can help a few people avoid mistakes I will continue to help others. Here at Pathfinder Financial, we have a support system that allows for continuation and consultation of a staff of experts instead of just one. Clients appreciate knowing that sometimes it is good to have multiple thoughts on planning, and gives you confidence with investment choices helping you with Investing for the Road Ahead.

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