Dale Carey

President Pathfinder Financial

Born and raised in Southeast Idaho, Connie and I moved to Washington State in the late 1990's. We have 2 children (Stephanie and Christopher) both married and blessed with 2 grandchildren (Cyrus and Parisa) from Stephanie and Farzad. Stephanie and Farzad own several businesses and are sucessful in their own careers.  Christopher graduated with a degree in Finance and Marketing from Brigham Young University. Chris is a Professional Home Inspector at American Crawls and was recently married to our wonderful new daughter-in-law Nicole.

I started in the insurance and financial services field over 35 years ago and during this time, I earned an MBA and RFC® designation (Registered Financial Consultant). I hold a General Securities Registration (series 7), (series 63) a Registered Principal Registration (series 24), and an Investment Advisor Representative Registration (series 66) through Cetera Advisors LLC. I am the President of Pathfinder Financial and OSJ, (Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction) and a Registered Principal of Cetera Advisors LLC.

Pathfinder Financial was created by our core group of advisors designed to train, supervise and partner with Independent Financial Professionals and Advisors located throughout the Northwest United States which includes Nampa ID, Seattle and Puyallup, WA. This allows us an opportunity as a firm, “Pathfinder Financial”, to provide ongoing services and access to skilled financial advisors who share our same philosophy. The offices we oversee are strategic partners for long term growth. You don't have to worry if a financial advisor retires as we work together with the same objectives and training to provide you dependability and consistency for long term financial management of your accounts.

Seasoned experience over the last 35 years has taught me, investors need to be invested for the long term even in retirement income mode. Whether it is growing your plan pre-retirement or provide retirement income for more years than you actually worked. It's not about (Timing-the-market) as much as it is (Time-IN-the-market). I view my job description as: Keep clients comfortable enough to stay invested in the market through education, regular meetings, electronic updates and most importantly, guidance through patience and research.

What makes the Pathfinder Financial business model different is our discipline to independent planning and diversification with respect to retirement income strategies. We help clients transition into a retirement income strategy that provides ongoing consistent monthly income with limited depletion or without selling the principal investment when possible. This doesn't mean your account values can't go up or down but this type of investment can allow add stability to your required monthly or quarterly income needs through dividend and yield driven investments. It's not just about saving money for retirement, it's how to continue to spend a lifetime of income and then pass on your legacy to your generations to come.

This philosophy is what helped us here at Pathfinder create our corporate motto "Investing for the Road Ahead".

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